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We strive to make the world of wine more accessible through our unique tasting experiences.

A selection of exceptional wines

All our wines are rigorously selected by professionals from among the rarest and exclusive wines in the world.

We only keep the wines most recognized by experts and most appreciated by amateurs.

The goal is to introduce you to exceptional wines that are not available in your usual supermarket !


A bottle of wine has a capacity of two tasting glasses .

With 100ml, you will have a professional tasting quantity for two people , which will allow you to appreciate each wine without having to finish or throw away the bottles.

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Clément, founder of Flakon

“The idea for Flakon emerged in my mind when I worked in New York within the Champagne Louis Roederer group.

It was thanks to this experience that I was able to discover the wine industry from the inside.

The sommelier with whom I worked passed on to me all his knowledge and passion for this format, which he considered to be an excellent way to compare and taste wines to deepen his knowledge.

This is where the idea of ​​launching a project to make the world of wine more accessible was born. »