Ice Wine

Zantho - Eiswein Burgenland 2019

The wine identity card

Region : Burgenland / Austria

Domain : Zantho

Vintage : 2019

Grape varieties : Grüner Veltliner

Alcohol : 12%

The winemaker and his history

Managed by Josef UMATHUM, one of the largest wine producers in Austria and a great defender of local grape varieties , ZANTHO offers wines of incredible quality on a wine estate of approximately 50 hectares.

The estate's philosophy of innovative tradition means that it is the first estate in the world to have bottled its red wines with a glass stopper.

The famous terrace lizard in the South East of Vienna is protected in the natural park where the ZANTHO vineyards are located.

Prepare the tasting

Ideal Temperature: 10 - 12°C - i.e. 25 min in the refrigerator or 8 min in the freezer

Perfect Pairings: foie gras, Comté toast, exotic fruit tarte tatin (mango, pineapple)

The tasting

The view: A brilliant gold and white wine with green highlights.

Smell: On the nose, we sense finely fruity notes and good minerality.

Taste: On the palate, it shows fruitiness mixed with a spicy note supported by a structure of fine acidity. It is very fresh with aromas of green apple and a nice minerality on the finish.

Wine in 3 words